Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dragon's Birthday

What to do?  What to do?

It can't cost a lot.  His birthday is toward the end of a pay period but he is turning 40!   Hmmmm

I have tried my best to be supper submissive this week.  Sex on demand and being helpful.  But I think this birthday calls for something special.  This is also his first birthday as a retired veteran.

I already know what we will have for supper.  Bean soup with the ham bone I saved from Sunday dinner.   Yummy.  It won't be our date night.  We will save that for another night he isn't on call.  But what to do?

I think a picnic.

Just the two of us.  The picnic basket packed for grown-ups for a change.  Ice cold beer and something adventurous that we haven't tried out of the cook book.  Finger food of course.  If it is too cold or late we can eat in the cab of the truck.  Act like two teenagers and make out in a parking lot.

Nothing wild.  Just us.  I like it.

Now who gets to give him his birthday swats?

Somehow I think I will be on the receiving end of those.  But he will make my body sing with pleasure with every single stinging swat.


  1. Happy Birthday to Dragon. You're creative, I'm sure you will come up with something.

  2. Happy happy birthday to Dragon. A picnic sounds amazing!

  3. Happy birthday to your Dragon. You two have fun!

  4. Happy birthday to Dragon. I think your adults only picnic sounds great!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Dragon- I vote for the picnic!