Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you ever wondered?

Everyone has a story.  Everyone is on their own path in the craziness we call life.

A boy was in the parking lot.  Not much older than 18.  Car out of gas, out of money and trying to get somewhere.  Two old cowboys stopped to help a stranger.  Two random people stop and take the time to help a ragged looking boy.  They try their best to get the kid back on the road and both slip him a little money with a God bless.  The boy didn't ask for help.  He didn't ask for money but two strangers stopped to give him a hand.

I wonder what his story is.

The cowboys?  I know one and other is cut from the same cloth.  They were both thinking, "what if that was my son?"  But what about the boy?  Where is he headed?  Why was he on the road?  Where will he end up.

I hope he will have the chance to pass on the blessing.

I have my blessing.  A husband with a heart of gold.  


  1. Whenever I have the opportunity to do a good deed I always tell them to pay it forward when they have the opportunity. Life is so much better that way.
    Good for you and Dragon.

  2. Thank you Rose for such a wonderful glimpse of another side of your Dragon. May that blessing come back to you threefold.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. We have had so many blessings along the way.

  3. Hopefully the boy made it to somewhere safe. What a very nice gesture, it always makes one feel good when they can help out like that.

    1. I hope he made it where ever he was going. That was all Dragon. A ragged boy having car trouble? Not something I could help with and I don't usually carry cash. Dragon just happened to have a little in his pocket that day. His thought? What if that was my kid?

      It was an old beat up car the kid bought from a junk yard. Maybe one day we will hear his story. I can hope.