Sunday, October 29, 2017

His Rules

Something I didn't accept when we first started practicing Domestic Discipline is that he is totally in charge.  Yes, I have my safe words.  Those can stop even see well deserved punishment immediately. But he is still the one in charge.  He makes the rules, not me. 

The basic framework is built on the 5 Ds.  We don't really think about them.  They are so basic that we don't need to.  There are only two rules that are specific.  No cussing and seatbelt use. 

The cussing rule came after a hard deployment.  The seatbelt rule came up during a very nasty winter.  That is the rule that usually gets me in trouble.  If the warning ding happens in a parking lot, I'm okay.  But if I get caught on the highway nothing can get me out of the paddling. 

I broke the second rule last night.  Only a warning from Dragon kept me out of serious trouble.  I got off with a crooked smile and a stern lecture.  My bottom is thankful. 


  1. Ooh Rose...please get in the habit of putting on the seatbelt before you even fire up the car...make it a game and give yourself small rewards when you 'win'. Stay safe, my friend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Love it when our men show mercy for an oops!