Monday, March 7, 2016

Sensation Play

Yep, I'm still here.  Sorry I'm not posting much but life is super busy!  Not so busy that we aren't taking care of each other though.

One of my favorite scenes is sensation play. It totally blows my mind.  How many different sensations are there?  What does it do to you when a feather tickles your back at the same time a paddle hits the sweet spot with a ginger fig burning away deep inside your backside?


That is a start.

Now add in a blind fold and ear buds for sensory deprivation.  And bondage to make sure that you feel absolutely helpless.  Did I mention that we are in a large garage not our nice bedroom?

Feeling just a little vulnerable?

The paddle is put away and the floggers come out.  Endorphins go into overdrive.  My ability to resist is gone.  All that is left is acceptance and reaction.

The sharp blade of a knife scrapes across my skin.  The ginger plug is removed and refreshed by scoring it with a bamboo skewer.  The misery burn returns full force.  Clips go on my nipples and clit.  The flogger comes back out harder than before.  I can't see or hear.  I can't pull away.  Just feel the overwhelming mix of sensations.

Dragon removes the clips and I feel the sharp sensation that is anything but relief. I can't even rub my nipples to relieve the sting.  The paddle smacks my poor aching clit.  I am a quivering mess.

Do I focus on my nipples? Stinging back? The ginger fig or the paddle that is turning my backside a deep shade of red?

My nerve endings are singing with every sensation imaginable.

He removes the ginger fig, firmly holds my hips as he finally takes his pleasure.  He removes the head phones so that I can hear his praise as he takes me.

The blindfold is removed and then the rope.  He wraps me gently in a blanket and lays me down on the soft mats.  His hands sooth the leftover sting and I slowly come back to reality.

Sated, relaxed and absolutely content.


  1. Wow happy you two were able to play. Hope everything is going well with Dragon's job. Continuing to send prayers and healing energy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Thanks Cat. There is an evaluation team at the office making arbitrary changes to everything. Closing sections and opening new ones. They don't understand the city or how fast it is growing. The changes look good now but the last supervisor had everything set up for booming growth. All that is gone. People are overburdened and it is getting worse every day. The good workers are leaving and new people aren't being hired. It is miserable. It is so bad that they can't even get a permanent supervisor. But Dragon has me. He is hanging on and waiting for things to change for the better. Keep praying.