Sunday, March 20, 2016

The List

When I first heard about The List, I thought it was an excellent idea.  10 things that you will always forgive.  The point is that you never write it down. When your husband makes you mad you just say, "That's on the list."

But I got to thinking.  Dangerous hobby, I know.

What I already do is better.  I look at what made me mad and ask myself a question.  Is this part of who he is?  If the answer is yes, I realize that there is nothing to forgive.  I promised to love this man for better and for worse.  To love him unconditionally.  All of him.  Even the parts that I don't like.  I accepted him as is.

Yes, I have a list.  No, I never wrote it down and it has absolutely nothing to do with forgiveness.  It has everything to do with acceptance and my love for Dragon.

If you hear me say, "That's on the list!"  You now know what it means.


  1. What a beautiful attitude, Rose! Your Dragon is so lucky to have you. Yes, I are so lucky to have him also. ;) Perfect team!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. "that's on the list", I like that.