Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good Memories

When I first married Dragon, we went to the gym several times a week.  He worked me hard.  150 lbs was a lot for a girl that didn't weigh 110.   The gym was our time together.

We worked every part of our bodies.  Back, chest, arms, and legs. Dragon sculpted my body like a master.  The muscles I developed seem to eat what little fat I had.

Gone.  Little by little

Fast forward several years.  Make that over 20

We are both out of shape and over weight.  Both of us know we are well past our prime.  My body won't win any contests or even finish a race.  Our goal isn't to pass a pt test or impress the guys at the fire department.

Our goal is simple.

To be healthy.  To get our weight under control, increase flexibility and move.  We both have chronic health issues.  We both struggle but we are still trying.

Every time we go to the gym, I smile.  I remember those early days of our marriage.  Our love for each other was blooming.  Today our bodies are wearing out.  Other people probably don't see us as good looking.  But I know what I see when I look at him.  I see the man I love with every fiber of my being.


  1. Yes, our bodies fail us but love still endures. Lovely.

  2. I could not say it better than Leigh, so I second her comment.
    hugs abby

  3. I also agree with Sunny...couldn't have said it better. Sending lots of positive energy for both of you, Rose.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat