Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Million

worries are on my mind right now.  Some small.  Most not so small.  I can't bring myself to really write about them.  The guilt.  The fear.  It is always there. Most of the time I cope pretty good but I think November may be to blame for the tears.  And a few extra worries loaded on for good measure.

One of my kids had a bad bike wreck.  It was terrifying.  She was in so much pain. Almost a week later she is still recovering.  No broken bones but definitely sore.  Another daughter is headed down a path of hopelessness.  She has been given every opportunity but refused it.  Now that she has to stand on her own, she is making all the wrong choices. Dragon's seasonal PTSD is in full swing too.  Then there is my grandmother's stroke and an uncertain future.

Mass last night was just what I needed. It felt like Father was speaking to me as he gave a short homily.  I walked in the door with my worries weighing me down.  I left with tears falling.

The daughter that had the bike accident woke up feeling better this morning.  That is a huge worry off my shoulders.  The rest will come in time.

Sorry for the whiny post but I figured my blogger friends deserved more than silence.

Today I am going to put on my happy face and get the house ready for the Christmas season.  Tree goes up very soon.


  1. Things will improve with your attitude, you know that already and I hope you are able to get there sooner rather than later. Kids and husbands probably take their clues from you. Hugs.

    1. I think the bike accident was just one thing to many. She is doing better but far from 100% We still don't know how much of the damage will be permanent. Working on my attitude. If I fake it hard enough I'll believe it.

  2. I'm happy to hear your daughter is doing better!! Glad to see you back!!! Enjoy reading your blog!! Isn't it Great when you can go to church and find that peace!!!
    How are the holiday decor coming along? My H says I have to wait until after Turkey day...even though I have the urge to decorate too! Wanted to leave you with two quotes. Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's empties today of it's strength! Corrie Ten Boom and Worry About Nothing...Pray about Everything! Philippians 4:6 Hope you that the Holiday decorating has lifted your spirits!!

  3. Sorry you are having such a rough time Rose...doesn't sound whiny to me...just sounds like someone checking in with her friends as to what's going on in her life. Happy your daughter is healing...sending lots of prayers and healing energy that she continues. Sending lots of prayers and healing energy for your grandmother, you and Dragon and sending lots of positive energy that the good Lord knocks some sense in your other daughter's head.

    Hugs and Blessings...