Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To wait or not to wait

That is a question I saw on another blog and thought it deserved a post.  

For me, it really depends on why I am being spanked.   For a fun spanking, I'll set up our play space.  Paddles, belt, lotion, toys, yoga mat and anything else that looks fun.  And thenwe wait.  For Dragon to be off and rested.  For the weather to be warm enough.  For adequate privacy...

A stress relief holds a little more worry.   If he saystthat I need tears,  it is going to be hard.   But I can wait and hope he forgets.  

A punishment is completely different.   He tells me that I am going to be punished but there is no privacy.   It doesn't get delayed,  I get a hall pass.   We don't have time before we have to leave for the Symphony.   He gives me a hug and says that enjoying our date is more important.  

I worry to much about punishment for there to be any delay. More than an hour is unreasonable.   Dragon knows this.  

Ps.   A wait of another kind!

My application for a Mastiff has been accepted.   Yeah!   Now to save my pennies.   This does not mean that I am obligated to buy a puppy from this breeder. Only that I am on her waiting list.   I am still looking for a puppy from other sources and other breeds.   Rescue organizations included.   :-)

Now to wait....


  1. You will find the puppy you are meant to have.

    Sorry about the wait, waiting is never fun.

    1. I am still going to visit the shelter on a regular basis. But I really love Mastiffs. They are so sweet.

  2. Your Dragon knows you well and knows you could not tolerate a long wait for punishment...that is the sign of an awesome HoH. There were times when Matthew and I were apart that he would grant me that grace because he knew what too much waiting would do to me.

    So very happy you got a spot on the waiting list! Prayers and positive energy are still being sent your way to find the best possible match.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Grace is always a good thing.

      I sent the breeder an email. Looks like maybe late fall. Fingers crossed.

  3. I enjoy reading about your dynamic because it is different from ours, and sends shivers up and down my spine - in a pleasant way. We only have one flogger and it thrills rather than hurts, which is fine at the present time. But not on my back - that has very bad connotations for both of us, same as a belt for Dan and a cane for me. It takes time and patience to move forwards and dispel bad memories. But when I look back I cannot believe we have come so far.

    It is very exciting about your puppy - I'll bet you are finding it difficult to wait! Will you have a dog or a bitch? Have you got some names lined up yet?


    1. It is very hard to wait. Lol. I already have a long wish list. I am on the waiting list for a bitch. Lady Rose, Bubbles, Bitsy. Not sure what her name will be.

      The belt holds fear for me and switches. We play with them gently but I usually safe word pretty fast.