Saturday, April 12, 2014


This has been a crazy, busy mont .   With the RCIA class, there is something every week.   Today was the adult retreat.   I got to go at the last minute.   Dragon's schedule changed.   Happy me.  Tomorrow is palm Sunday, the last day of lent.   And Holy week begins.

I am exhausted already.  

We finally broke down and got a new lawnmower.   This one isn't fancy.   Just a plain Walmart model.   Starts with one pull.   It isn't fiddly like the expensive craftsman mower.   I never can get that thing to run.   Most of the hay field now slightly resembles a yard.  

Yep.  I over did it today and will probably run myself ragged this week.  

So how is DD going?   Still going strong.   Dragon is on top of his game.   I have to watch my step.   Fortunatly, all of the spankings have been the fun kind but he has decided that he likes kneeling.   Something about that position opens my ears and closes my mouth.

No fun tonight.   Dragon is to worried.   I REALLY did to much today.   Maybe after church tomorrow....


  1. Hey Rose...please be careful and take care of yourself so you and Dragon can play.

    Hugs and blessings...

  2. Hey girl, Sunday is a day of rest, be sure you do that.

  3. Have a blessed Holy Week! You are closing in on Holy Saturday! I'm sending an early welcome to the Catholic Church.