Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trying again

Those two words cover several areas of life right now.

Yep, we are trying to get back into DD again.  We keep falling off the band wagon.  Nothing has helped us get back on track.  But here we are, trying again.  In the last few months I have been more willing to make love to my husband.  Sex isn't something I have ever liked.  I don't know why.

 Could be I am more attracted to women than to men?


But we are trying to get back on track with discipline again.   He likes to spank me.  I like the submissive head space I stay in when he is at the top of his game.  It brings us closer.  What is not to like?

So yes, we are trying again.  We are trying to get past that awkwardness that seems to be there with every punishment.  It is there for both of us.  It is like, "okay, what now?"

DD isn't the only thing I am using those words again.

Trying Again

I registered for the Komen 3 day years ago.  Dragon wasn't supposed to deploy until the spring.  We thought he would be home.

Didn't happen.

Dragon got orders to Afghanistan for September but we still had a plan of action.  We had the approximate day he was supposed to leave. We set a day one month before that as the good bye date.  We knew how the they operate.  Nothing happens on the day they say it will.  They took him a full month before the date we set.  Two full months before the projected date they gave us.

That turned my little world up side down.  That was the last straw for me.  But I was still determined to complete the event.    Then two weeks into the deployment I get a call from the back of an ambulance.  Dragon was hurt and needed surgery.  AND he didn't get to come home.

I was in tears.  Couldn't stop crying.  It seemed like one thing after another was happening.  I had enough.  Something had to go.  I couldn't bring Dragon home with my mind powers.  I couldn't keep the bills from piling up.  I couldn't even get a break from the kids.  What I could do was give up the 3 day event.

Now I have registered again.  They had a special offer for only 3 days.  $80 off their regular registration price.  WOW!  I still have to raise $2300 but I could afford the registration fee!!!

I registered last night and went on my first training walk today.  3 miles.  Tomorrow is a cross train day.  P90X here I come.  If nothing else I will be in phenomenal shape!

Dragon has a scene planned for tonight and I have a long todo list.  I am going to use my sewing skills to raise the money for the walk.  Memory pillows.  Baby clothes and little girl dresses.  Aprons and anything i can put machine embroidery on.

I can do this.  I won't be doing it alone this time!

Be in prayer for congress to pass the bill that would allow Dragon to keep his job.  All they have to do is vote yes just like it is and he keeps his job.  Now to get the jack asses and elephants to think alike for just one little bill...

I can hope.  


  1. We are having the same issue here with submission and DD... we are back to basics as of today... rituals, no panties... all the stuff we did when it was new.

    1. Call it a ritual and Dragon says no way. Call it a routine and he is all for it. Funny how that works. But either way we are working on it.

  2. Together you can do anything Rose! I love your try again two are awesome.

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy for the bill to pass and your sewing projects to sell.


    1. Thank you Cat. I am trying to stay positive. If I pretend hard enough it just may be reality.

      One day, one minute at a time.

  3. Good luck with all. You can do it, you are a strong capable woman.

    1. All I can do is keep trying. Failure doesn't come with lack of success. It comes with apathy.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks. Keep the positive thoughts coming.

  5. I love your try again attitude!! Sending positive thoughts to both of you!
    Yes, hopefully the jack asses and elephants can agree on something!!!

    1. Thanks, they agreed on some thing but I am not sure what it means for us. Clear as mud