Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lullaby Scene

(yes, there is a scene report in there somewhere.  You just have to read a little to get there)*

It had been a long day.  We kept hoping that Dragon would be called into to work but it didn't happen.  They day didn't go to waste!  Not at all.  The sun was shining, it was chilly but still nice.  Perfect day for an early season picnic and to scout out fishing spots.  I even found my fishing license.

One fishing hole didn't work out.  We are in the middle of a drought down here.  The lakes should be near full pool right now but they are supper low.  The dock was high a dry.  With no way to get down to the water, we had to hunt for a second fishing hole.  (Yes we could have climbed over a rock wall and waded across the mud flats but NO)  We found a small pond with a park by it instead.  It was nice out there but after a few hours it got way to cold.  Shivers.

We headed back home to warm up.  It was a nice day.

While Dragon worked in his shop, I walked.  Made it the full 3 miles my training sheet said I should be walking and I did it in the time limit!  One hour!  I did it!  I was tired but quite proud of my accomplishment.

*So yes, I started the scene tired...

But that didn't keep us from playing.

The garage was a cool but we were determined.   No matter how tired we both were after a day of family fun we were going to have a scene. I didn't stay cold for long!  Dragon started with the paddle.

WOWZA did that ever sting.  It has been so long since I have felt the sting that it was shocking to my poor backside.  I didn't last long at all.  Dancing around like a toddler getting away from the fly swat.  Dragon had my hands loosely tied to his work bench with my chest supported on the surface.  That left me on my tip-toes but that was okay.  After a few of those stinging swats, I was out of the ropes.  I pulled until I figured out how his tie worked and got my self out.

It didn't take long for him to figure out that the paddle wasn't working.  Soooo  he lined the floggers up beside my head.  I curled my arms under my torso and held on to the rope like it was a life line. He started with an old shoe string flogger across my shoulder blades.   The first one I ever made.  It is made out of rawhide boot laces.  Not much sting to it at all.  Then he moved on to the soft doe flogger.  Very nice.  Used full force it gives a little bit of a sting and a good solid thud.  He left the elk.  It gives a deeper thud that tends to trigger an asthma attack.  (not good during a scene)  The last flogger is made out of a tuffer cow hide.  The leather is stiffer and cut thinner.  It has a distinctive, cutting sting!

Talk about getting my attention.  But by this time I could handle it.  One spot seemed to be getting too much attention and when I pointed out the problem, he avoided it.  It didn't take long before I was sinking into that wonder place we call subspace.

When we went back tot he bedroom I was ready to go to sleep.  No staying up and worrying about the kid, his job, his ptsd, his shoulder, bills we can't pay.


I went to sleep.

Had some weird dreams but I slept.  It was nice to get a good nights sleep for a change.

(congress passed that bill but I am afraid they changed the wording in it.  Not sure how it is going to affect us yet.  Dragon is still job hunting and Mina is apply for jobs too.)  Please keep the prayers coming.  We are both worried.  This is a huge PTSD trigger for him.  And if I am honest, it is a trigger for me too.


  1. Happy to hear you had a lovely day and that you two got what you needed Rose.

    The prayers and positive energy have never stopped and they won't. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


    1. We needed the money but I think we needed the family time to. Thanks for everything. I still have your email. :)

  2. If one door closes, another opens. Have faith.

    1. Looking for that door. Dragon applied for a job in Mississippi last night.

  3. Praying for you both. Miles and I went and got our pier space and I can't wait till the snow leaves and we can get out on the water.

    1. Snow? Eek. I am happy to be in the south. We only had two days of snow down here.

  4. Pity about the non-work day. But it still was a day well spent.

    1. It was a day very well spent. Next week he is scheduled for only one day off but three days he only work for two hours.

  5. Prayers for you both, and so glad you had a good day :)

  6. Prayers coming, Rose, for you both. PTSD is a bear, and like all other mental health issues it's overlooked and under-treated.