Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More progress

The problem with incomplete submission wasn't just with spanking.  The larger problem was with sex.  He loves sex and I love to say no.  I was pushing him away when he kissed me and not allowing his touch.  I'll admit that it takes me some time to warm up to sex but I wasn't giving him a chance to hit my start button.

I made a decision to change that.  I started being the aggressor.   I have made myself more available to him.  We are talking more and making love more.  Kinky things that were forgotten about have been discusses and negotiated again.  Things like public bondage, rope dress under clothes and age play.  Things that really push my limits.  Things that are really hard for me to submit to.

Another submission issue?  Blow jobs.  I don't remember this but Dragon said I was quite willing to do it when we were newly wed.  He got a little carried away one day and I gagged.  He said that I refused to do it after that.  He has asked me to try a few times in the last year.  I refused.

That has changed in a big way.  I started small with little kisses and worked my way up from there.  Let us just say that he is quite pleased with my progress.  We have both decided it is a great way say good night.  I kneel on the floor, he stands in front of me and I show him just how much he means to me.

Baby steps.  I started small and I am making progress just a little at a time.  He is very pleased with my progress and so am I.  With me being more submissive, he is more willing to step up.  There is still more work to be done.  I was bratty last night.  Edge play was on the table and ran like a scared rabbit.    Why?  I don't know.  But I plan on making up for that tonight!    


  1. Baby steps lead to giant leaps. Just keep moving forward and patience and love will lead you to the right outcome.

  2. Baby steps are a good thing and before long you realize you've come so far from where you started. ;)

  3. Good job! Baby steps is the way to do it, then you can set your own pace.

  4. Baby steps- we were there recently too... Baby steps worked.

  5. My favorite thing is kneeling in front of my man :)