Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ever thought

"Hmmm, it is past time for a punishment."

Yes, I know.  Insane thoughts.  Must get more coffee.  I can't be awake yet.

Dragon is off to work and I have a full day keeping up with his expectations.  He is trying to bring me back up to where I was before the depression hit.  It is happening.  Slowly.

Good news.  I found the toy box and the hytochi.  The bad news?  The hytochi doesn't work right any more.

So sad.

Dragon works long hours.  I am home thinking about him and his new found dominance.   So very sexy.  I am hungry and I don't have my favorite toy to scratch the itch.  Grrrrrr


  1. Ha! No, I haven't, but you are a much braver woman than I.

  2. My favorite toy is one of those three-legged things they sell in drugstores for like $5. Or at least they used to sell them in drugstores. I've had it for like ten years. Best toy I've ever had.