Thursday, December 28, 2017


The ginger was left in the refrigerator for more than a week.  Super charged.  The skin slightly wrinkled and the outer texture a little mushy.  I didn't know what Dragon was up to until the scent of ginger reached my nose. 

Christmas was great this year until we went to my mother in laws for the gift exchange.   Apparently she had a concern about my granddaughter.  She didn't need to know that I had already spoken to my daughter about that very same issue.  She brought up her concern and I let her know that I want to spend time with both girls and that I'm not willing to argue about the topic.  It has already been settled between me and my daughter. 

I spoke in a calm voice and let her know that it is a non issue.  She just wouldn't drop it.  I told her that if she didn't drop it that I would consider leaving.  She kept at it and I got up to leave the room.  I never raised my voice or behaved disrespectful.  She was looking for a fight. 

My calmness is probably what set her off like a north Korean missile.  She started screaming like a crazy woman, bringing up things from over 15 years ago.  She didn't have any newer ammunition. I guess time twisted the events in her memory or truth doesn't really matter because she was screaming lies.  She screamed at Dragon then turned her anger on my children. They hadn't said anything to her.  I was shocked. 

I am done.  No more. 

Today Dragon decided I needed a reward for how I handle his insane mother.  Ginger can be intense but it is fun.  Let's just say that it added much needed heat to the bedroom. 

Love my Dragon just a little. 

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