Friday, July 14, 2017


I felt a little frisky.  It was well past midnight but Dragon didn't have to work the next day.  All is good.


Nope.  I just figured out another problem with this pause thing.

Moisture or should I say a lack of it?

I'm learning.

Sneezing leaks.  Check

Hot flashes. Check

Problems sleeping.  Check

Mood swings. Check

Dry.  Check

I haven't had this problem since breastfeeding.

It is inconvenient but nothing I haven't had to deal with before.

I just hope this stage doesn't last long.

Putting up with all this crap and a super heavy monthly is miserable.


  1. Honey, I don't know how old you are but if you're in menopause or peri-menopaus, it is a fact of life. Talk to your doctor.

    1. It has been off and on for years. This time I think it is here to stay. I don't do doctors at all for that kind of thing. It is a normal and natural stage of life. It just kind of sucks. I'll be glad when it is over.

  2. Hrt is the world's greatest invention, just saying, sympathy
    love Jan, xx