Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hitting the Right Button

Dragon knows exactly which button to push to make me melt.  He forgets occasionally but he is on it right now.

What button is that?

The backside

He mentions a rule violations.  That gets my mind on the paddle.  Why?  He gives me warning for most things.  Forgetting my rescue inhaler or letting a cuss words slip.  All he has to do is ask if I need a punishment.


He has my attention and my head goes into subspace.

He has kept me in subspace for weeks.

How? Easy

Dropped hints, a hand on my backside, his fingers reminding me that I will submit and orders to use toys when he isn't home.  My backside is his to use as he pleases even when he isn't home. He even specifies which toy to insert and how long it will remain in place.

At random intervals he will whisper in my ear that he wants my mouth.  He leads me to the bedroom and knows that I'll submit.  On my knees in front of him I open my mouth.  It isn't easy for me.  It is a struggle because I give up all control.  It is how he knows I have absolutely surrendered.  It shows him that his attention to the rules and claiming my backside is working.

That I obey him even when he isn't home shows that he is doing something right.  The more I submit, the more he takes the lead. I still say no occasionally.  Just this morning I refused sex.  I woke up to a very bad headache.  That is acceptable because I submitted yesterday.

Stress levels are high but we are getting closer instead of letting all the crap separate us again.

Dragon is at work and I need to get busy.  While I have a private moment I need to take care of my more private duties.


  1. I was told a long time ago...the more you submit, the more He will dominate..i found it to be you have. Loved reading this.....happy for you...
    hugs abby

  2. Sorry the stress levels are so high Rose but happy that you are finding your submission which is feeding Dragon's dominance and allowing you to grow closer.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Taking the backside definitely helps with submission. I've found the same with my woman.