Friday, November 20, 2015


I did it.  I didn't even need to confess the obvious defiance.  He already had it on his mind. He just nodded his head.  It was a pillow talk confession so any action on it was delayed.

Late Wednesday evening as we walked in the door, Dragon headed to the garage and invited me to join him.  I won't call it a punishment but it wasn't fun either.  More of a clean slate, let's start over kinda spanking. I did get a short warm up but not on the tender sit spot where the hardest swats landed.  I think Dragon discovered how sensitive that area is.  I expect to get many more swats in the sweet spot.  Knowing him, that is where he will concentrate punishment swats from now on.  Owie.

The garage wasn't cold but it was uncomfortably cool, especially with a bare backside.  I tried to turn it into love making but he wasn't having that.  Right down to business.  Jeans down, panties down.  Down further.  I left the sweet spot covered.  No lecture, just a reminder to use my safe words.  The first 10 swats were moderate but then he really got into it.  When he realized that I was getting close to my limit he gave me a number.  4!  Two on each side.  I expected them to land where the other swats had.  Nope.  He didn't go for my nice warmed up bottom.  These landed in that hated spot.  Wowza.  He has landed a few mild swats there in the past but never really hard swats.  While I was still panting over them he talked about rules.  Cussing, forgetting my asthma meds and getting my chores done.

The next day I looked at an overwhelming pile of laundry. I almost left it there.  Then I remembered something.  I don't want to defy him. Not even in a small way.  I want to show him that I am trying.  That will mean more fun spankings and fewer reminders or punishments.

We have slowly been buying things for the house we plan to build.  A kitchen sink, a bathroom cabinet.  Things we really like.  I found a small cast iron stove at the farm store.  Dragon got it for me for Christmas!  This winter we are setting it up in the garage, our play space.  My little propane heater just wasn't enough.

I think he is trying to get it warm enough for more serious play and even more serious punishment.

After watching me do my yoga workout, Dragon has discovered that kneeling doesn't hurt me one little bit.  He is very happy with that discovery.

New heater + newly discovered sit spot + kneeling position.  Then there is the new level of surrender he has been getting from me.  I think life is getting very interesting again.

Time to get my chores done and walk the dogs.  I don't want any more swats landing on thAt spot. Yikes.  Who knows, I might even earn a fun spanking!  I really need one after that owza spanking.

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  1. Hey Rose...happy it was a clean slate spanking rather than a punishment one. Sending lots of positive energy that you earn bunches of fun spankings! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat