Thursday, July 25, 2013

What makes DD worth my time?

It isn't domestic violence. It isn't about spanking. It isn't about being micromanaged. ******* So it isn't a lot of things. What makes it work? What makes it worth the effort? ********* The intensity of DD demands very good communication skills. It forces you to really listen to what your significant other is saying. Both spoken and read in the face and body. DD makes you pay attention. ****** DD increases intimacy. It is a side effect of all that communication. And I can't think of anything more intimate than a bare bottom, over the lap spanking. If a man isn't turned on by his wife's submission and naked body, dd won't fix anything. ******DD encourages honesty. It makes me more aware of Dragon's needs. As I get more attentive, so does he. ***** Why does it work? It just does. All the closed minded naysayers don't know what they are missing. Their loss.


  1. Rose, DD is not for everybody.
    DD group is a mighty small group living like this.
    You can have great communication without DD.
    There are many, many marriages that shows it. Very good marriages.
    You need to be a little "special person" to accept DD. Not everyone has this "need" or whatsoever acceptance of punishment, control, submision, domination. Not everyone has it. On the contrary, not all naysayers, accept punishment like being spanked until you can not stay in the position of pain.
    So I do not think they miss something.
    They know what they want and do not want.It does not mean that they are closed minded .

    1. You are right. DD is not for everyone. However, the naysayers are those people who know nothing about dd, yet call us abused wives. I am many things but abused is not one of them. Spoiled, pampered and cuddled maybe. Many of these naysayers have broken marriages and still point at us in judgment.

      This post wasn't intended as a rant but something more positive.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Nothing is sexier than a naked woman being submissive, at least that's how I *feel* in that moment. And Sir agrees. =D

    And no, it's not for everyone. But neither is marriage or monogamy to some people. I prefer my lot and they can have theirs. Nothing wrong with being happy with the grass you have and the life you choose.

    My cents,

    1. I agree. 100% everyone is different

  3. Amen sistah...amen! ;)


  4. Very well said!!
    What floats one boat will sink another. But then don't bad mouth something just because you don't know much about it or it won't work for you (speaking to the naysayers.)
    D/s, dd, ttwd, can be a very fulfilling, satisfying, beautiful way of life. And so can vanilla.
    To each his own......

  5. Well said, ik when I've been sick or whatever before Ttwd Tyler really didn't pay attention but now he will realize I'm more sick than ik I am..It's crazy and exciting all in one