Sunday, September 20, 2015


Our garage is our play space.  With teenagers in the house we have to be discreet with our play.  Last November, just before Thanksgiving, I dug our Christmas decorations out of the garage. One box at a time.  Like most women, I propped the boxes on my hip to get a little extra leverage.  I only had one more box to find when I noticed what looked like big mosquito bites on my side.  They were brown recluse bites. I was sick for months.

Dragon has put DM all over the garage. He has bombed it twice and declared it spider free at last.  Tonight was the first time that I have willing gone out there in a long time. We didn't even have a paddle in our play space anymore.

I refused to expose my backside so he paddled me over my jeans.  Shoes on. Fully dressed. Dragon did a very good job as usual. Slow build up. He started with light pats and increased the intensity slowly.  He rocked my world even fully dressed.

It turned out that I was right to be squeamish.  Just as I was starting to really get into our little session, a ninja spider crept across the floor for a sneak attack.  Since I was positioned over the Roman chair, I could watch my feet.  I saw that little creaper just in time to step on it.  I have no idea what kind of spider it was but it is dead now.

I think Dragon may be spanking me over clothes for a while.  HATE HATE HATE SPIDERS

but the spanking was nice.  My backside is nice and sore.


  1. Oh sorry you got bitten and took so long to recover. You must be super sensitive to brown recluse like my younger son and me. Spiders hate peppermint and citrus oils. Here is a really good article that has some good information in it: Hope this helps.

    Happy you at least got a good spanking.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks Cat. I should have some peppermint around somewhere.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your spanking - but spiders!!!!!!! I would never venture into the garage again! I am terrified of them - great hairy eight-legged monsters! Yuck! And they are now all coming in for the winter and trying to sneak across the carpet when you aren't looking. Some are so big I haven't the courage to step on them, and indeed, I don't really like to kill them, just remove them back to the outside where they come from. I have a tendency to tiptoe around them and wait for Dan to expel them from the house. I have heard they will not come near horse chestnuts, so I put lines of these along my windowsills each autumn.