Friday, September 18, 2015

Life Goes On

I have decided that life must be the worst rollercoaster in the world.  Exhilarating highs and stomach dropping lows. Don't forget the bone jarring change of direction.

So is life.

My oldest was attacked a few weeks ago.  It looks like it was an eye opener for her.  She is back in school. Her emotions are all over the place but she is finally taking steps in the right direction.

My son has found a new obsession.  Not sure I am happy about it but... drums.  The house is filled with happy noise. I can find all kinds of fun things to do in the garage to get away from the racket. WEG.

Dragon is not able to work right now.  Somehow he managed to break a bone in his foot. Fun stuff.  We will make it but some of the fun things we like to do may be gone.  Things like music lessons for the kids and college classes for my 18 y/o.  We will look at money and figure out our options.  I have great kids.  They will understand if some activities have to end.  Dragon's health is more important.

We are using his time off to reconnect.  He works so many hours that sometimes we only see each other at night. Love making, talking, cuddles and dd is back.   Dragon is getting some well deserved rest.

Like I said.  Up, down, around and up side down.

This life.

I am making slow progress on my book.  I have decided that I need a voice recorder for the car.  Driving is when I come up with my best ideas.  The book started with two lines. After a 10 hour drive I have the plot mapped out and the first chapter written.

Time for more cuddles with my Dragon.  :-) good night blog land


  1. Been thinking of you, hoping everything is ok. Sorry about your daughter, I hope she's recovered from the shock.
    I compose reams in my head when driving, the promptly forget it all and often thought about a voice recorder, except, not a great idea with two young kids in the car given the nature of the books I write. So I have to force myself to switch off and sing songs instead.

  2. Hey Rose...have been wondering how your daughter was recovering from her attack. Is she in counseling to help with her rollercoaster emotions? So sorry to hear about Dragon's foot but am happy that you two have been able to spend more time together and reconnect a bit more. Congratulations on the progress with your book! Sending lots of prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts for all of you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. The crisis center sent her to a place 2 hours away with the soonest appointment in 6 months. Crazy. She thinks going would make her look weak. I hate this but there is nothing I can do.